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Crisis communications

Reputation is the most valuable and at the same time the most vulnerable asset of any company. Creating a good name usually takes years, but you can lose your accumulated reputation capital in the modern world in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Microblogs and video hosting sites have long been ahead of traditional media in terms of the speed of reaction to important events. News around the world today is flying almost instantly.

Therefore, you need to prepare for information crises in advance. Otherwise, if there is a real threat, there will be no time to save your reputation.

Identifying existing risks and developing an anti - crisis communication strategy is an important component of starting cooperation with a new client. Work aimed at anticipating crisis situations, well-established communications with the main groups of stakeholders and an agreed plan of action in case of force majeure will allow the company to minimize losses in the event of a crisis.

But, unfortunately, even with the highest quality training, it is hardly possible to avoid crises and accurately predict the scenario of their development. Kuzmenkov & Partners consultants have repeatedly provided" first aid " to companies facing a real reputational threat.

In order to quickly get the client's company out of a crisis situation, we first consult with its representatives who are well acquainted with the problem: with the management, legal Department, security service, etc. At this stage, our task is to clearly formulate a public position that meets the interests of the organization and convey it to all employees. Moreover, it is important to voice your own version of what is happening before the information agenda is monopolized by your opponents.
Practice shows that our clients ' extensive expertise in Crisis management communications and established contacts with leading media outlets help them not only get out of difficult image situations with dignity, but also turn threats into new opportunities. In fact, the crisis is another reason to pay attention to Your company. If You managed to build a good argument and win the trust of external audiences, You can use the interest that has arisen to present the company in a favorable light for it.

KIP provides the following services in the field of crisis communications:

  • Development of anti-crisis strategies and regulations;
  • Operational Media Relations in a crisis;
  • Anti-crisis communications Web 2.0;
  • Internal corporate anti-crisis programs;
  • Anti-Crisis Media Coaching;
  • Litigation PR (support of legal proceedings).