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Any business is aimed at increasing the material well-being of shareholders and the professional success of the team. This is ultimately the goal of our strategy. But among the many ways to achieve it, we consciously choose ways that meet three key principles:

Before we send the finished product to the client, we ask ourselves if everything is perfect, and just in case we do "one more take". We strive to surprise our clients again and again: this is the professionalism of our consultants. The customer does not always Get more than what they originally expected. We abandon the standard approaches at the stage of generating ideas.
At the same time, consistent application of system management solutions within the Agency ensures the reliability and efficiency of our business. The quality of implementation and strict compliance with the deadlines of each project is the focus of constant attention of the TRC management. The ideal result is precision in detail and effective use of communication tools at all stages of each project.
We value human relationships. It is important to us what happens in our team, how its members interact with each other, how new knowledge, experience and opportunities are distributed within the company.
Customer relationships are extremely important to us. So we refuse to "beat everything that flies". We offer the client an objective assessment of the real situation, a clear vision of the future communication strategy and effective tools for its development.
We avoid projects that require "just extra hands".
we are about content.
Because this is the most solid Foundation for building an effective business and positive relationships. When we get to work, we are completely immersed in it. We don't measure services by signs in press releases or the hours that top managers spend working on a project. We use them for internal accounting, but do not offer them to the client. Using the most current technological techniques in the field of marketing and communications, we do not consider Web 2.0 or event management as an end in itself. This is an effective tool for providing high - quality content. In PR consulting, as in the movies: even the most advanced technologies can not make a dummy box office. We work with content professionally because we respect ourselves and our customers.