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The event is the most remarkable part of the "iceberg" of the communication program. From an Agency tool, event management has grown into an independent product, concentrating a number of functional components. Unique creative ideas, the most relevant program elements, close work with pop and show business stars, modern technical equipment, a systematic approach to the organizational process and well-honed team interaction – all these factors allow us to implement our clients ' projects at the highest level.

Industry expertise in event management includes the implementation of the following events:

  • Promotions and BTL events;
  • Promotional events and presentations;
  • Press events: press tours, round tables, press conferences;
  • Business events: business meetings, conferences, ceremonies;
  • Training events: seminars, trainings, master classes;
  • Mass and international events: festivals, international conferences, municipal events;
  • Corporate events: company day, corporate New year, calendar and public holidays.