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Internal corporate communications

The quality of the processes and transformations taking place in an organization primarily depends on the motivation and cohesion of its team. It would seem that this truism does not require additional comments and explanations. However, in practice, working with internal audiences often takes a back seat. The desire of managers to save financial and time resources, which are always required by the full implementation of strategic programs for working with personnel, often leads to much more significant losses.

A large-scale rebranding will remain on paper if the company's employees do not accept its new identity and continue to work in the old system of values. It will not be possible to overcome the reputational crisis if the organization's representatives contradict its official position in public statements. And the combination of two major players, promising leadership in the market, can result in the loss of valuable personnel as a result of unconstructive competition between representatives of equally strong, but, alas, disparate teams.

By taking a proactive position in working with employees, you can involve them in the process of creating an ideology and building the company's reputation. Feeling a sense of belonging to the common cause, employees feel personally responsible for achieving the company's goals, and even in difficult periods, they understand the position of management.

Another important issue for many people is the feasibility of attracting an external consultant for the development of internal communications. Large companies today create entire departments for working with personnel. On the one hand, they, like no other, are guided in corporate relationships. But on the other hand, their suggestions may be subjective, in contrast to the judgments of an external consultant, who a priori takes a neutral position. Therefore, we are not talking about choosing between internal and external specialists, but about organizing high-quality collaboration and the correct distribution of roles.

Our experience is a guarantee of optimal solutions for achieving the company's goals in collaboration with its key representatives.